Kelsey Lane
UX/UI Designer
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Languages of Ljouwert

Languages of Ljouwert



Jess Farmer – Project Manager
Kelsey Lane – Video Editor, Photographer
Rhett Lawson – Video Producer
Case Gardner – Assistant Videographer
Tavarius Felton – Assistant Videographer
Imoni Tull – Graphic Designer, Blogger
Amanda Travis – Graphic Designer

Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, Wordpress, Trello

Video Editing, Graphic Design, Project Management, Blogging/Social Media

Nov 2017 - Jan 2018



As part of the iMedia masters program at Elon University, students travel abroad and work with a nonprofit organization to complete a project for the public good. My team of six traveled to Leeuwarden in the Netherlands to work with Afûk, an organization focused on promoting the sharing and use of the Frisian language and other minority languages. We worked with Afûk to create a short video that highlighted the rich diversity of languages found in the Netherlands. The video was shown in Leeuwarden during the European Capital of Culture celebration from April to October 2018.


  • Collect video content including interviews and b-roll

  • Create video highlighting language diversity

  • Manage international client relationship



Prior to departure, we spent 2 months researching, learning, and preparing for our time in the Netherlands. During this time we were introduced to our client, Afûk. Instead of coming to us with a specific project in mind, our client asked us to come up with possible project ideas. After much brainstorming and back and forth communication, we determined that a short video would have the greatest impact.

We traveled to Leeuwarden in January 2018, spending 10 days gathering content. This included interviewing 12 individuals who collectively spoke 17 different languages (one of the 12 spoke 6 different languages alone). We documented our experience on our team website.

Following our time in Leeuwarden, we had two weeks to create our final deliverables. These were formally presented to an audience of faculty, staff and students on Elon University's campus.

Fun Fact: We stayed in a jail during our time in Leeuwarden. The former prison, called de Blokhuispoort, served as a penitentiary from the 1500’s until its closure in 2007.

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To read more about our experience, check out this article that was published on E-Net, Elon University's campus news network. The article features my photography throughout.

What I Learned

  • How to successfully interview someone speaking a different language

  • Transcribing interviews is one of my least favorite activities